Project information Clarity #2

SDG Clarity is a household device that uses technology to remove pollutants dissolved in drinking water. At the same time, the device can generate disinfect without the use of chemicals.

Water purification is carried out using electrodes with boron-doped diamond nanosurface, through which electrolysis and the formation of oxidizing agents take place. The goal of the project was to explore possibilities of applying technologies developed at Slovak Diamond Group in household context.

The device was second generation of previously prototyped design project Clarity #1. The goal of the second generation was to communicate regenerative character of the technology and the idea of circular design.

© 2021/02 -2021/06


Veronika Podoláková (FAD STU), Michala Lipková (FAD STU), Marian Vojs (Slovak Diamond Group, Institute of Electronics and Photonics, FEI STU)


Product design
User testing
3D printing
Circular economy
3 months



Veronika Podoláková

Product Design

Michala Lipková

Design Strategy

Marian Vojs

Slovak Diamond Group