We are looking for opportunities to prototype innovative solutions with positive impact and bring added value to the production loop.

The concept of acting as a ‚trimtab‘ comes from American inventor Buckminster Fuller, who believed that small actions deliver global impact.

We have replaced the subject ‚I‘ with the number ‚1‘ to emphasise the importance of a single step, if taken in the right direction.

We play by 3 rules


We ask a lot of questions. Without research and data, there are no solutions: user research, market analysis, facts. A problem well stated is a problem half solved.


With climate emergency on, "less bad" is not enough any more. Our projects aim to contribute to the switch from linear to closed loop production processes.


Models, prototypes, MVPs. Ideas need to be touched, broken and changed. We don't know whether our design works until we try it out. Only tangible tests lead to solutions.

What we do