Oxalis Smart Counter

Testing the limits of solar powered IoT

Oxalis Solar Counter is a sensor which analyzes the movement of cyclists and pedestrians of everyday life in the city with high accuracy. The answer to future environmental challenges is independent solar power and accurate data to show cities and metropolitan areas the use of alternative modes of transport. Power is provided by solar cells on the rotatory head.

The head with cells at an angle of 45° enables optimal orientation to the South and maximum gain of sun shine throughout the year in the temperate zone. In the upper part of the vertical segment, the electronics consists of a laser sensor, two PIR sensors and a control board with an antenna for the NB-IoT mobile data network. Three Lithium-Ion monocells serve as a backup source of electricity.


Product design
3D printing
3 months
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Matúš Knap

Product Design

Pavol Amena

Founder of amena display s. r. o.

Michala Lipková [ ғᴏᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ]

Design Strategy