Mixed Reality Workflows

Applications of virtual reality in the design process

Three case studies demonstrate the use of virtual reality tools and a mixed reality simulator in all stages of the design process – from ideation to presentation. The project introduced different mixed reality workflows, while including aspects of software development (beta testing features of at that time only emerging VR modelling tool Gravity Sketch) as well as modular hardware infrastructure for physical ergonomic simulation.

The dissertation project explored the use of virtual and mixed reality in transport design within the activities of FAD STU’s MX lab – workplace focused on research in the field of digital design tools and impact of emerging technologies on the design process.

The research of Filip Maukš, carried out in the timeframe of 2017 – 2022, was focused on exploring at that time emerging software and hardware solutions of virtual reality modelling.

The design research at MX lab (Multidisciplinary research and experience design laboratory) oscillates at the intersection of several disciplines, ranging from artificial intelligence, software development, mechatronics, to ergonomics, additive manufacturing or human-computer interaction.



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Filip Maukš

Doctoral Design Research