3D printed components for modular assembly

Sneha is a universal structural module for modular use in smart interior applications. The component forming the structure can be adapted to a wide range of shapes. Example application presents a lamp and a diffuser. The modular design allows upgrades and repairs of both electronics and the structure.

The design of the module was originally intended for 3D printing of porcelain resin by SLA technology, but it does not exclude use in other materials. The presented object is a continuation of a prototyping case study designed as a part of the research project Clay Next, originally intended for production by SLA technology from ceramic resins (silica-filled photopolymers).

The research project Clay Next was carried out by Matej Korytár, Michala Lipková and Tomáš Tholt as a part of the Open Maker acceleration program in the years 2018—2019. The project was focused on R&D in the field of customization of integrated ceramic components, which were meant to be produced on demand by SLA 3D printing as end products for a wide range of interior design applications.


Material scouting
3D printing
Circular economy
3 months
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Lucia Suchá

Doctoral Design Research

Michala Lipková [ ғᴏᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ]

Doctoral Design Supervisor

Matej Korytár

Clay Next Project Lead