Regenerative disinfection using carbon nanomaterials

Modulo is a regenerative disinfection system for epidemiological prevention.

Extensive use of chemical air disinfectants and alcohol-based hand sanitizers represent potential environmental and health risk. Modulo replaces chemical disinfection technologies with environmentally friendly alternatives by application of carbon nanomaterials for hand sanitation and air disinfection.

Modulo was designed with an emphasis on long-term use due to interchangeable functions and reduced environmental impact. Through the use of the closed circulation of disinfectant water without chemical additives, the product promotes the idea of regenerative design. Unlike existing solutions, the product offers upgrades and alternation of functionality and individual use of the modules.

Module 1 provides sensor-controlled purification of air by photocatalysis. Based on the oxidation of micropollutants powered by UV irradiation of photoactive TiO2 layer with the enhanced efficiency created by boron doped diamond (BDD) substrate. A ceramic foam component coated by TiO2/BDD allows air flow through pores powered by fan and penetration of the UV light. This technology degrades harmful substances in the air such as COVID 19 virus particles, solvents, cigarette smoke, NOx.

Module 3 provides contactless dosing of water with disinfectant properties, through closed-loop production of disinfectant water without chemical additives, using water electrolysis and advanced oxidation processes. Strong oxidants are produced through electrolysis of water utilizing nano-crystalline boron-doped diamond electrodes. Water full of oxidants, mainly ozone, capable of disinfection of viruses and bacteria is produced continuously and used on demand.

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Design application Nr. PD 76-2021, The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic

Product Design:  Ivana Palušová, Jana Vlčková
Design Strategy: Michala Lipková
Co-creators: Vlasta Kubušová, Marian Vojs, Martin Vrška


  • Modules 1 + 3
    Marian Vojs, Martin Vrška – Slovak Diamond Group, Institute of Electronics and Photonics
  • Module 2
    Richard Balog, Adam Ružička – Institute of Automotive Mechatronics


Covid Colab
Technology Transfer Office
Impulz Corona STU

Photo © Adam Šakový, 2021


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Michala Lipková [ ғᴏᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ]

Design Strategy

Ivana Palušová

Product Design

Jana Vlčková

Product Design

Vlasta Kubušová

Covid Colab

Marian Vojs

Slovak Diamond Group

Martin Vrška

Slovak Diamond Group

Richard Balogh

Institute of Automotive Mechatronics